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Olhausen Billiard Manufacturing Inc was started back in 1973 by brothers Butch and Donny Olhausen, when they pooled their money together to buy a small billiard table manufacturing company for a mere $1000.  You could say it was their destiny, since their dad had maintained his own pool table restoration and refurbishing shop in each and every home the boys had lived in.  They naturally ended up helping their father with the work that had to be done, but they had little idea that they were learning a skill that would reward them tremendously. 

The small company they had purchased was only producing 35 tables yearly, but the brothers had much greater aspirations, and they were determined to double the annual production to 70 tables.  Not only did they meet their goal, but by the end of two years the Olhausen’s were manufacturing and selling more than 300 billiard tables worldwide.  Well let us fast forward to present times, and you will see that the small little $1000 startup company has grown into the world’s largest pool table manufacturer, producing as many 33,000 pool tables in a single year, with such classic pool table lines as the Select Series and the Signature Series.

In order to produce such an astounding amount of tables, you’re definitely going to need some serious space.  So the company built a 250,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Portland Tennessee, where believe it or not, after forty years, it’s still a family business, and still operates under the same good old fashioned family values that it was founded upon.

More than likely you’re either a fan of the Olhausen product, or maybe you’re just in the market for a new pool table.  Well one of the most important factors in purchasing pool table is to understand where it was manufactured it the first place.  Today there is a great deal of tables being manufactured in China, Vietnam, and Malaysia; and that’s not to say that they don’t produce nice tables; however the wood quality that they use in their tables is usually quite poor.  This is a tremendously important factor, because pool tables are predominantly made of wood, and lower grade wood is far more susceptible to climate change.  When you invest money into a pool table, you want it to last your lifetime, and perhaps even far beyond; however a table manufactured from low quality wood will not stand the test of time.

So I’m sure by now you understand that Olhausen does not cut corners when it comes to the type of wood that they choose. Since they are the world’s largest pool table manufacturer, their tables end up being shipped all over the place, and can be found in all parts of the world where climate can be dramatically different.  This is why they cure and process all of their lumber to maintain complete in-house quality control.   

Olhausen chooses only “slow growth” trees which come from the northeastern United States.  “Slower growth” trees develop much tighter and consistent growth rings, which makes the wood denser, and has less streaking and discoloration; some of the main ingredients needed in order to produce breathtaking pieces of art, which their tables end up being.  You can find their tables in several different North American Hardwoods such as Red Oak, Maple, Cherry, and Walnut.  They do import some species of lumber as well, such as African Rosewood, Brazilian Cherry, or Genuine Mahogany.  However, this imported wood must pass their stringent quality control measures, or it will be rejected.

They do offer tables that aren’t all about the wood though.  The Brushed Aluminum series are beautifully constructed tables, yet feature a metallic surface that looks futuristic and elegant.  They even have a line of tables for those who are looking for a great all around intermediate table, and more within the price range of most people.  The L Series has 5 different laminated tables to choose from.  These tables are made with all the same quality as their high-end tables too, and laminates are a hard wearing material, and resistant to marking, staining and heat.  

You can feel confident that with Olhausen your only getting the best, the wood quality is there, but at the same time, there are master craftsmen with 4 generations of experience that know how to take that wood and turn it into a masterpiece of art.  Plus you can feel confident that they stand behind everything that they build, offering a lifetime warranty with every pool table manufacture.  
So as you do your research for pool tables, and pool table suppliers, I encourage you to check out Olhausen, they have a huge selection to choose from with many different styles to appeal to a wide variety of tastes.  Heck, if you can’t find a style that you like, they’ll let you design your own! Olhausen, “The Best In Billiards.”

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This article was published on 2011/09/22