Round Folding Table vs. Narrow Folding Table: Which Option Suits You Better?

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Credit it on their ingenious designs or blame it on the properties getting smaller by the day, the fact remains that folding furniture is rapidly growing in popularity. Promising remarkable space efficiency along with easy portability and maintenance, folding furniture has reasonably become a favorite of the urbane. However, when it’s about selecting between the various options available in the market, even the most experienced shopper is likely to get confused.

Round Folding TableOne such conflict can be found between round and narrow folding tables. So, let us take a look at the key factors you need to consider when making a pick between the two.

Space Availability
Unarguably one of the most critical factors to consider, space availability should be the first thing on your mind when buying folding tables. Round folding tables, though available in various size options, consume more space compared to slim variants. Hence, if you are planning to set up more than few desks and space is a concern, it is advisable to go for narrow folding tables.

Area of Use
The place where the table is to be used is another important factor. If you are planning to use the table in the center of a hall or room, any premium round folding table will win hands down. Round tables look beautiful in the center of a hall and give it an elegant feel.  However, if you are planning to use the table in a corner or against a wall, go for a narrow folding table.

Existing Styling
The existing furnishing and décor also deserve serious consideration when it comes to choosing between narrow and round tables. If the furnishing items used are edgy in design, narrow tables are likely to blend seamlessly in the overall setting. Similarly, if the furnishing items are curvaceous, try to find a suitable round folding table that complements the existing styling.  

If the table you are planning to purchase will be moved or stored frequently, it is recommended that you go for narrow folding tables. That’s because of two reasons; one - round tables require more storage space than narrow variants, and two - stably storing a round folding table in an upright position is always a challenge due to the circular top.

To conclude, it would be safe to say that both round folding table, narrow folding table have their own set of merit and demerit.Therefore, be clear about the prerequisites before starting to explore the market.

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Round Folding Table vs. Narrow Folding Table: Which Option Suits You Better?

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Round Folding Table vs. Narrow Folding Table: Which Option Suits You Better?

This article was published on 2013/07/26