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Retro tables, and more generally retro style furniture is becoming more and more popular nowadays. The whole retro fever that has started about 10 years ago has finally arrived at your home, in the form of 50's, 60's and 70's style tables and chairs. These pieces bring the atmosphere of the Golden Age, and childhood memories of baby-boomers.

So here you are, looking for some guidelines and advice on buying a retro table. Choosing the right table is an important and quite difficult choice. The next guidelines will help you make this choice and pick the best piece of furniture.

The first question you should ask yourself is: What's my budget?
A tough question indeed. How much should you spend on a table? To answer this question, you must consider the following factors:
- You shouldn't spend more than 1/30th of your salary on a single piece of furniture.
- You shouldn't get a loan to buy a table. If you can't pay the full price of the furniture now, then you can't afford it.
- You should spend less on a table that you plan to replace in 1-2 years or less. If you plan long-term and will use that table for several years, then you should buy a higher quality piece, which is more expensive of course.

Once you've calculated your budget according to these, you must stick to that budget. It's fixed, and you won't buy anything more expensive than that. Don't let the salesman trick you into buying 'the bigger one' for just an extra 20 bucks. You probably don't need 'the bigger one'.

The next question is: Which room will we put the new table in?
A retro table doesn't fit everywhere. They look best in a kitchen with a similar style. An important step is to measure the space you have for the table and the chairs. You don't want your guests to get stuck between the table and the wall once they sit down. Buying a smaller table is okay, but if you buy a table that's too large - it's a disaster.

The final and most important question before buying a table is: How will the room look like with the new table in it?

Just stand in the room, look around, and then close your eyes and picture the room with the table you want to buy. How does it look? Do the colors match? Does it fit in? What's your first impression? Give a rating of 1-5, and don't buy anything with a score lower than 4.

The table and the chairs are the pieces of furniture that you and your guests will get in contact the most often. It is very important to make them match. Fortunately, most of the dining tables and bar tables are sold together with chairs or stools with the same style. These sets are your best choice. In most cases, additional chairs can be bought later on individually.

If you are interested in the best retro table sets and additional advice on buying retro furniture, you can find a link to my corresponding article in the resource box.

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Retro Table Buyer's Guide

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This article was published on 2010/03/28