How to Buy a Tablecloth

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The tablecloths are type of cloth that are used for covering of tables. Their advantages includes protecting of tables from scratches and stains as well as improving the whole interior decoration by changing the entire look of tables. Here you can check out some tips and ideas how to select the most suitable tablecloth for your indoor or outdoor table:


One of the most important buying criteria that should be considered is what fabric of tablecloth is the most suitable for your. There are three popular types of fabrics that you can choose between for your new table cover, they are:

  • Silk - it's the most beautiful and stylish fabric that is used for table covers that are used for decorative and ornamental purposes.
  • Poly-Cotton or Cotton - they are mostly used as made up fabrics for tables for dinner. Unfortunately, the covers for tables that are made up of cotton or poly-cotton are not waterproof, but they are machine washable.
  • Oilcloth - the oilcloth tablecloths are both inexpensive and waterproof. However, the reason why many people choose tablecloths that are made up of cotton over ones made up of oilcloths, is that the oilcloth doesn't look as beautiful as the cotton or silk fabric.


In case that you plan to buy a tablecloth for you indoor table, it's a good idea to choose one that is considered with the existing decoration in your home. One of the most important criterion is its colors to be chosen according to the colors that are part of your interior color palette. For example, if you are kitchen is colored in brown and you are looking for a new cover for your kitchen table, you can choose one that is colored in green or white, because these two colors perfectly combines with the brown color.


The size of the tablecloth should be chosen according to the dimensions of the table for which you plan to use it. Most of the available tablecloths comes with sizes for standard table, so if you have a table with standard size, you will be able to find a cover for it with a proper size without any problems.


The maintenance of the tablecloths is also important and it should be carefully checked before purchasing one, especially if you plan to buy a cover for your dining table. It's a good idea to buy one that is machine washable or one that is waterproof, because you will be able to keep it clean easy.
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How to Buy a Tablecloth

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This article was published on 2011/09/16