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A dining table is an excellent piece of furniture which is well equipped at adding a strong touch of class and elegance to the home and dining room. However, it is also one of the most popular which means it will be the first to receive the general wear and tear that any piece of furniture receives after being used for a number of years.

The first method keeping your table safe is ensure your home and dining room is kept at a regular temperature.  Wood is a natural product and although it is treated with varnishes and polishes it is important that liquid and humidity is kept well away from the table.

When buying a dining table there are a number of options available.  Ranging from selecting a completely new dining table or a recycled, second hand table the approach to keeping it clean and maintaining its quality should be the same.  If you decide to select a second hand table the first stage is maintain the table ensuring all screws a tightly fitted.  You can also use rubber gloves and a chemical varnish remover to remove any old or faded areas. Another issue which often affects old and second hard dining tables are small splits which can aappear in the apron.  To remedy this situation the most effective method is to remove the apron and reattached it using a new layer of solid wood glue, holding it in place with clamps wedges.

Alternatively to avoid these sorts of issues you can use a table pad which uses a simply leg structure based on a minimalist style.  Requiring less maintenance work and a more modern appearance.  You can also select a more modern material such as glass or plastic which is simple and easy to maintain using general household polish.

In summary, a dining table can become a central feature of the home however it is important that they are well maintained and refurbishment as and when they grow old and receive lots of use.

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Dining Table Maintaince

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This article was published on 2010/03/26