Build Rapport Quickly with Other People

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Many of the masters of influence and rapport will also assume they are leading and generally people will follow. Making full use of a person's name will go a long way to creating rapport, taking the time to say hello and enquire after him opened a dialogue, a happy and upbeat dialogue with Graham.

When working as the aforementioned prestidigitator in delightfully exotic and splendid locations I like to introduce myself to the table or group by firstly explaining to them what I'm doing and then by supplying my name. I then proceed to ask the names of all the people on the table; once they have all been supplied I restate my name and the magic begins.

The audience are no longer merely passive observers but are now all active participants in the event because; I have entered into a dialogue, a verbal exchange with everybody on the table. We already have rapport with people; it's just a question of deepening it.

When on holiday if you meet a person from the same hometown as you, in general most people will instantly feel a connection, (a connection will even be felt when they are merely from the same country as you, if you are holidaying abroad). Matching and mirroring of body language.
Matching of predicates, (The words we use)
Matching of voice tonality and Rate of speech.
The sneaky use of embedded commands.
Association etc...

These techniques all have their place. With maybe 10 minuets in each groups delightful company it is I find important to establish rapport very quickly.

A table, just as any audience will have its leaders and followers (it is normally foot stools and chairs that follow tables); there will always be loud people on the table just as there will always be quiet, shy people there. If you attempt to gain your maximum rapport with the shy people on the table the louder and more dominant people, wanting some of the attention for themselves, will split the dynamic of the table or group.

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Build Rapport Quickly with Other People

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This article was published on 2010/09/09