3 Steps to Choosing the Perfect Tablecloths

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When it comes to updating your kitchen or dining room table on a budget, nothing has more of an effect than a new tablecloth. The table is the centrepiece of the room and so changing the cover will instantly transform the whole room.

Deep coloured tablecloths in winter, such as burgundy and navy blue, will give off a cosy and homely feel. Lighter colours such as lime green and pure white will give the room a much fresher, airier feel that is perfectly in keeping with summertime. You can also use themed wipeable table cloths for childrens birthday parties for an extra special party lunch, or Christmas table covers to set a festive mood.

Tablecloths can be bought or changed for any number of reasons, but regardless of why you are shopping for a new table cloth there are some basic factors to keep in mind to ensure that you make the right decision.


Very importantly, before you hit the shops or the Internet and start browsing fabric or pvc table covers, you need to know the measurements of the table that you are buying it for. Tablecloths are made in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and will not look good if they do not fit the table, so always measure the table exactly, do not guess. Two different tables for six people can be very different sizes.

Grab a tape measure and note down the length and width of your table. It is best to do so in both centimetres and inches as some manufacturers will only show one measurement unit on their packaging. Also make sure you know your table shape, whether that is square, rectangular, oval or round. A tablecloth designed for a round table may not look right on an oval table, and a tablecloth designed for a rectangular table will need extra work doing to it to cut down to size if bought for a square table. If you are buying tablecloths for an event, such as a wedding, be sure to phone the venue and ask for specific measurements.

You will also want the tablecloth to hang down over the edges of the table. This is much more aesthetically appealing, will protect even the very edges of your table and also helps to hold the tablecloth in place. Add at least 8 inches to each of dimension, for example if your table is 70 inches wide and 150 inches long do not buy tablecloths shorter than 78 inches by 158 inches. The longer the better, as tablecloths can always be trimmed to size if needed.


Next you need to decide which fabric you want to opt for. There are many different materials to choose from, ranging from the very cheap to the very expensive. At the lowest end of the spectrum are pvc table covers which, despite being cheap, are not low quality. They are in fact the best choice for most people and situations and have significant advantages over fabric tablecloths despite costing less.

Pvc table covers are coated with a thin layer of vinyl that renders them totally waterproof, so any spills will simply sit on the surface and will not be absorbed and damage the table below. This makes them quick and easy to clean, too. Thanks to the development of laser printing these wipeable table cloths are available in a huge range of colours and prints, including both modern and traditional styles.


Pvc table covers are the perfect choice for day to day dining or for a special event such as a birthday party. For more luxurious affairs such as a wedding you may want to opt for satin, silk or velvet. These fabrics will stain and are much more expensive to buy or rent, but their opulent appearance makes them the perfect choice for a fancy or elaborate occasion. If you are buying tablecloths for your home you may want to buy more than one. For example you can purchase a simple but pretty print for everyday use and a more expensive cover for entertaining guests.

If you follow these 3 steps when shopping for tablecloths you are sure to find the perfect one to suit your needs. If in doubt, opt for pvc table covers as they have numerous benefits and are amongst the cheapest table cloths on offer so if you change your mind, you will not have wasted much money at all. These wipeable table cloths are however undoubtedly the best choice for anything involving children thanks to their hard to damage, easy to clean nature.

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3 Steps to Choosing the Perfect Tablecloths

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This article was published on 2012/03/20